Are your shingles starting to curl up?

Are the valleys of your roof eroded. Does your roof leak?

These are tell tale signs that you may need a new roof.

We prefer Certainteed brand. Certainteed brand roofing offers a wide array of colors to choose from. All certainteed products come with a great warranty. If you have a low pitch roof 3/12 or less we recommend ice and water barrier be installed on the entire roof. Otherwise Cardinal always installs ice and water barrier six feet up the roof starting at the eve. This helps to protect the home in case you have ice dams.

What’s new in roofing?

Many people are converting their roofs from shingles to steel. Steel roofing now comes in a multitude of colors, shapes and styles and will help keep your home cooler in the summer. The best thing about steel is that it is a reusable product. It is much more environmentally friendly than shingles that end up in the land fill.

Whether you want shingles or steel… give us a call and we will help with all your roofing needs.

This house received a total make over…new: roofing, soffit, fascia, siding, windows, doors, flooring, kitchen, basement finish, driveway, back concrete deck, patio sliding door.
The garage had a hip roof and we changed it to a gable roof with all new roofing, soffit, fascia, siding, doors, windows, shutters.

What’s on your house?

Aluminum siding? Wood siding?

Do you want to repair an area or replace it with something new and maintenance free?

We can help!

Aluminum siding is still available in several colors or can be special ordered to your favorite color. Vinyl siding comes in a multitude of colors and thickness. The thicker the vinyl siding the better. Thick siding is much more resistant to damage from hail or flying rocks and baseballs. Alside offers a wide range of vinyl siding.

One of the nicest on the market is called “Prodigy”. Prodigy is an insulated siding offering an R-Value of 5.0. The walls of a typical home in Michigan have an R-value of 15. If you add Prodigy siding you will increase your insulation value by 33%. That will certainly help to reduce your energy bills. Prodigy siding and accessories are backed by lifetime limited warranties and offer one of the best fade warranties in the industry.

Let us show you just how beautiful your home can be.

Call Cardinal today @ (616) 827-1200.

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